Best Australian Poker Sites

Choosing the best Australian poker sites is not easy because of the somewhat complicated online gambling legal situation in the country. Though not as big as Canada and Europe, major poker sites do get a significant amount of traffic from Australia. Here, we'll have a look at the best poker sites for Australian players. We'll also take a look at the legal issues governing poker sites in Australia and other important factors.

Legality of Online Poker in Australia

Compared to the US poker sites and Europe, Australia was relatively slow to catch the poker fever. Though it was commonly played among the European settlers in the country, it was only in the 1950s that the game began to be popular as a form of gambling. Soon, other forms of gambling like casinos had made their presence felt in the gambling industry.

Residents of Australia were allowed to play at any poker site or casino they wish to play at. There were no known restrictions in the country that applied to playing at poker sites. Neither were there any restrictions regarding making deposits at a poker site. But in 2001, the Australian government passed the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA) to control gambling activities in the country.

The act effectively banned casinos and other forms of gambling, both online and off, throughout the country. The rule, however, exempted those that had obtained a license before the gambling law was passed. The Act also does not impose any penalties on players, who can play at any site they wish to play at. It only stops gambling companies from operating in the country. This law applies to gambling sites within Australia as well as the ones licensed overseas. That is why many gambling sites have stopped accepting players from Australia, but there are many others who continue to do so.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Australian Poker Site

There are several few factors that need to be considered when choosing poker sites for Australian players. If you are looking forward to a healthy gaming experience with lots of competition, you must look for a poker site that has got high player traffic. Usually it is the biggest poker sites that have the highest player traffic. The best Australian poker sites also have a diverse set of poker players, both in terms of skill level and their nationality, and this can make online poker a thrilling experience.

For your online poker experience to be truly rewarding, the site needs to have good gaming software installed. Some poker sites use their own proprietary software to design their games while other sites employ the services of companies from outside. Before you sign up at a poker site, you need to make sure that the games at the site are designed by reputed companies.

Banking options is another factor you need to consider before you sign up at a poker site. You must make sure that the site offers reliable options for making deposits and withdrawals. Reputed poker sites include options like credit/debit card, e-wallet, e-check, wire transfer etc. as banking methods. Also, you must ensure that the site uses SSL encryption to process transactions to ensure that monetary transfers between you and the poker site are safe.

You should also look for the bonuses that the site offers. Though not as crucial as the other factors, they do form an important part of your online poker experience. Bonus offers can save you a lot of money on wagering at poker tables, so go through the complete list of bonuses and promotions offered by the Australian poker sites you are considering.