Best Poker Bonuses

The best poker bonuses offered by online poker rooms help you boost your bankroll significantly. The bonuses offered by some of the major poker sites are often too good to resist. They retain the interest of a player in playing at the poker site and are also offered to increase the number of new players joining the site. Most poker sites have a similar set of bonuses except for a few differences, but what varies significantly is the amount of money that you can get as bonus. Here are some of the common bonuses offered by poker sites and a list of the poker sites offering the best bonuses.

The sites mentioned here offer some of the best poker bonuses in the online poker industry. There are certain conditions that need to be complied with in order to avail these bonuses, like wagering several times the bonus amount.

Free Bonus

Commonly termed as no-deposit bonus, these bonuses are added to a players' poker account immediately upon signing up. While many other bonuses are offered upon making a certain amount as deposit, these bonuses are offered free and so they are referred to as "no-deposit" bonuses. These bonuses are not all that common among poker sites - very few sites offer them.

First Deposit Bonus

Best Poker Site BonusesThe first deposit bonus is common to all the gambling sites that include not just poker but also casinos, bingo and sports betting sites. The first deposit bonus is most sites' key offer to attract new players, and one that every player considers vital to any reputable poker site. For this reason, gambling sites promote their first deposit bonuses aggressively.

As the name suggests, the first deposit bonus is offered to players when they make their first deposit at the poker site. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit amount, or a fixed amount, which can vary between one website to another. There is usually a minimum and a maximum amount that needs to be deposited if one is to receive the bonus.

High Roller Bonus

Another bonus offered by poker sites is the high-roller bonus, which is given when a player makes his first deposit on a high-roller game. High-roller bonuses are usually of a fixed amount. The amount offered as bonus will vary from one poker site to another.

Refer-a-Friend Bonus

This is also a very common bonus offer among all kinds of gambling sites. Here poker sites award a bonus amount to a player who invites his/her friend to join the site. Sometimes both the players receive a bonus prize, which is significantly lesser than the first deposit bonus. The amount, however, varies from one poker site to the other. A player can invite as many friends as he wants, but the poker site would usually require that the referred friend must register and make his first deposit for the bonus to be transferred to the player's account.

Bad Beat Bonus

The bad beat bonus is another impressive offer from some poker sites. These bonuses are generally offered as compensation for players who lose in poker games by a small margin. This bonus is not offered at all poker sites, however, and the bonus amount will vary from one poker site to another as usual. On some sites the bad beat bonus is offered only for specific poker games.

Along with these bonuses, loyalty points are an indirect way of giving players a reward similar to a bonus. These are generally points earned by players that can be converted into real money. Players do not have to win to earn these points - for each hand played at the poker tables, players earn loyalty points.