Best Easy Competition Poker Sites

If you are serious about making big money through poker, looking for easy competition poker sites is one of the smartest things you can do. Unlike casino games like roulette or slots, poker is a game that is largely dependent on skill. This means, your probability of winning or losing has more to do with how you play the game and how experienced you are in it. Luck does play a role, but not as much as it does in some of the casino games.

Popular poker sites may have higher traffic, but they may also have the toughest players competing for the prize. That is why, a number of poker players look for easy competition poker sites where they have a better chance to win over weak opponents. Easy to beat poker sites are sites that attract the weakest or the most inexperienced poker players, who you can easily beat.

Here are a few tips you can use to find such easy to beat poker sites and make some quick money:

New sites - Usually, popular and well-established poker sites have pretty tough competition, which is why they don't attract a lot of weak players. Many poker players tend to stick to an established poker site rather than try out the new sites. It’s the weaker players who get drawn to the new poker sites for bonuses and incentives. The traffic or the game play may not be that exciting on these sites, but you would certainly be able to make money if you are good at the game.

Poker sites with high traffic - Sites with higher traffic are popular and reliable, which is why a number of new poker players prefer them too. But care should be taken on such sites as they also attract a number of experienced poker players. The best poker sites are not always the loosest ones, but some of the poker rooms in these sites may have a few weak players you can take advantage of. Poker rooms with small or mid-level stakes are usually the places where you can find weak players.

Big bonuses - Bonus is not necessarily the biggest concern for a serious poker player. But most of the amateur poker players tend to look at sites offering big bonuses to increase their bankroll. Poker sites offering good bonuses can also be considered as easy competition poker sites, considering the number of weak players that get drawn to them.

Finding Less Skilled Poker Players

If you can identify weak players who you can easily beat, you should make a note of them for winning more in future. Some poker software have a special feature called "notes", which you can make use of for this. To identify weak poker players, here are a few things you should look for.

Weak players play too many hands - Amateur poker players often get into trouble by playing too many hands in the beginning. You can take advantage of this by restricting the hands you play.

They don't know when to fold - One common characteristic of weak players is that they don't know when to fold and as a result end up losing more. Look for such opponents at the table and figure out who you can take advantage of.

They are predictable - The key to winning at poker is not allowing your opponents to guess your hand. But a number of poker players are too predictable - they raise or bet a strong hand and call or fold when they have a weak hand. Being able to spot such predictable players will give you an upper hand.

Apart from identifying the easy to beat poker sites, using the above tips to identify weak players will also help you make money.