Best European Poker Sites

With the legal restrictions imposed on online gambling by the US government, many poker sites were blocked out of the US market. As a result, online poker operators have had to look at other markets for player traffic. Europe is one such market. In fact, the popularity of poker in the continent has soared over the years.

Not only has online poker caught up really fast with enthusiasts, but the likes of Austria, Germany and the UK host eminent transnational poker tours and tournaments. Let us look at the different poker sites for European players, legal issues involved and other aspects of European poker sites.

Legal Issues Surrounding Poker in Europe

Explaining the legalities of online poker in Europe is a tedious affair, with each country enforcing its own set of laws. But throughout Europe, or the member states of the European Union, online poker is not viewed unfavorably. Although poker sites are regulated and taxed by the EU, they haven’t been prohibited from operating in the market such as in the United States. The countries in Eastern Europe were normally out of the race, but with the internet becoming accessible in these countries, online poker gaming is fast catching up.

Yet there are minor differences in the law between member states of the EU. UK, for instance, allows online gambling for its residents and also permits overseas gambling sites to operate in the country. The Netherlands, on the other hand, does not allow its players to play at a poker site that does not have a Dutch license. Recently, it was proposed in the EU that there has to be a uniform system of regulation for online gambling among its member states. This, operators of gambling sites said, would make the licensing process much simpler across Europe.

As far as players as concerned, the only law that pertains to them is taxation. When players make deposits at a foreign poker site, they are subject to taxation both by their respective country, if they have such a policy, and by the EU. This, the EU says, is to ensure fairness in international gaming.


Since there are various languages spoken throughout Europe, poker sites offer their services in a number of the most common European languages. Many of the sites even have poker software that supports multiple languages. Customer support is also provided in a number of languages. Some of the major languages in which poker sites offer their services include English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Norwegian, Portuguese etc.


Poker sites accept payments from players in the European regions in euros, which is the common currency in the EU. This saves the additional cost of currency conversion, as individual countries have their own specific currency. The only exception is in the UK, where people pay mostly in pound sterling.

Deposit Options for European Players

The options for deposits are many and varied at poker sites for European players. Some of the methods for making deposits at European poker sites include credit\debit cards, e-wallets and e-checks. Credit cards are the simplest when it comes to online payment, but players may be restricted from making payments if the bank or credit card issuer does not approve of making payments to online poker sites.

Using an e-wallet is a viable proposition in such cases. You apply for an e-wallet account, fund your account from you bank and make payments to your poker account from your e-wallet. Other options for deposit at poker sites include e-checks, money transfer and wire transfer, the availability of which can vary from one poker site to another.