Best Mac Poker Sites

Before we get down to discussing the best Mac poker sites, it would be worthwhile to discuss the situation of playing online poker for Mac users. Until a few years back, finding poker sites for Mac users was a rather tricky affair. This had to do with the security settings of the Mac operating system, which effectively blocked download of software from online gambling portals. Over the past few years, however, things have been getting better for Mac users as more poker sites are coming up with software that is Mac friendly.

There are a few options that you can choose from if you want to play online poker on your Mac. Let us now look into some of the options available.

Mac Poker Download Software

The easiest way to play poker on Mac is to choose from a site in the list above and download Mac compatible poker software. Once you download the software for the poker site, you can run the installer and just start the software. You will be asked to login and after doing that you will be taken to the poker room lobby, where you can choose a table to play at.

The Instant Play Version

The best Mac poker sites will also offer the instant play version of the games. The instant play version is the one where the games of the site are played not by downloading them to the system, but by playing them through an internet browser.

There are a few limitations to using the instant play version as opposed to the downloaded version of the games. One of them is the fact that the quality may suffer to a certain extent. Another is that some of the features like playing on multiple tables at the same time could be somewhat limited by the site. Many poker sites are, however, consciously striving to improve upon their instant play software to match the experience offered by the downloadable version.

Use a Windows Emulation Program

Using a Windows emulation program like VMWare Fusion or Parallels is another option that you can consider. Windows emulation programs run the Windows OS right inside your Mac OS and just like another application, unlike using Bootcamp for creating a separate partition and installing Windows separately. Also you can switch back and forth between Windows and Mac easily, without having to shut down and reboot again. This will give you the added advantage of using a Mac program as you play the downloaded poker games in your Windows emulator.

Installing Windows on Your Mac

Another option you can consider is installing Windows operating system on your Apple PC or laptop. This will enable you to download the software compatible with Windows onto the computer from poker sites. Installing Windows on your Apple computer is possible with the help of Apple's very own Bootcamp program, which will create a partition in your hard drive. You can then insert the Windows installer disc, which will install Windows in one portion of the hard drive, while your Mac OS is still retained in the other portion.

You can choose between using Windows and Mac by pressing the alt/option key. This is an effective way by which you can enjoy poker in the best quality by downloading it and not having to forsake your favorite Mac OS for the purpose.

Though a few poker sites for Mac users have begun to offer downloadable versions of their games for Mac users, the trend is yet to catch up with the other sites. However, in the near future, as Mac gains further in popularity, many more poker sites can be expected to come up downloadable versions of their games for Mac users.