Best Omaha Poker Sites

The best Omaha poker sites allow you to enjoy this exciting poker variant and benefit from a host of impressive features. Omaha, one of the most widely-played variants of poker, can be enjoyed in its online version in high quality at these Omaha poker sites. The poker variant is a game of nuts which is generally played with a deck of 52 cards. The following paragraphs will cover the basics of playing Omaha poker, the best online poker sites for Omaha poker players and some of the poker room features that can make your gambling experience an enjoyable one.

Basic Rules of Omaha poker

The basic rules of Omaha are easy to grasp. In it, all players will be dealt four cards that make up the starting hand. These cards are also called ‘hole cards’ or ‘pocket cards’. During the course of the game, the board will get five cards. Of these, players will have to use any three to complete their hand.

The game begins with the player seated to the left of the dealer. He posts the small blind. The player next to him posts the big blind. Hole cards are placed face-down by the dealer, in clockwise order starting from the player seated to his left until each player has received the cards.

The player seated to the left of the big blind starts the first round of betting. He can choose between calling, folding and raising. If the blind hasn’t been raised, the other players have the option of raising, calling and folding. If the blind has been raised, players can choose to re-raise, fold or call the raise.

Once the first round of betting is over, the first community cards, called the 'flop', are placed before the players on the board. These cards can be used by any of the players to complete their poker hands. After this, the second round of betting begins, this time with the player seated to the dealer's left, after which the dealer places one community card face up on the table. After two more betting rounds, there will be a showdown if there are two players or more, in which the player with the best five card poker hand wins the pot.

Omaha Variants Based on Betting Structures

The game can be played in a variety of betting structures, the most common of them being Pot Limit and Fixed Limit. In Pot Limit Omaha, the minimum bet is the amount of the big blind and the maximum is the money in the pot. The size of the blind also determines the size of the game. The minimum and maximum buy-ins for the games are contingent on the pot size and house rules.

In Fixed Limit Omaha, the size of the bet is determined by the size of the game and the size of the blinds would be half the size of the game.. Bets and raises are made in increments. There is, of course, a limit on the number of raises that can be made in a game. The common limit is one bet and three raises, while some online poker rooms have the raise limit at four.

A Key Factor That Can Make Omaha Enjoyable Online

The software used by the poker site surely has a large role in making your gaming experience enjoyable. Software that runs smoothly and is fast and responsive can make the game more enjoyable than software that is unresponsive, slow and feature poor graphics. Most of the best Omaha poker sites use software designed by gaming software providers while a few others use proprietary software.