Best Sit 'n Go Poker Sites

Sit 'n Go poker is a variation of poker and you can enjoy this game at the best Sit 'n Go poker sites and at land-based poker rooms. It is usually played at a single table, although there are poker sites that offer multi-table gaming. Sit 'n Go poker is, in fact, more popular in its online version than in the land based version. A list of the best poker sites for Sit 'n Go poker players along with a short guide to the game and a few points on choosing the best Sit 'n Go poker sites are discussed here.

Introduction to Sit 'n Go Poker

Sit 'n Go poker is different from the other poker games in that while most poker games are played at a fixed time, Sit 'n Go poker games have no such fixed time; the game at a table starts only when the table is full. The buy-ins for a game of Sit 'n Go make up for the game's prize amount. At the beginning of the game, a number of chips are distributed to each player. The number of chips offered to the players in a game varies from one poker site to another. With a higher quantity of chips, the game takes longer to finish. The usual poker rules apply from here for Sit 'n Go.

The prize amount at the end of the game is paid to the top three finishers in the game. The player who finishes third ends up with 20% of the prize, the player finishing second wins 30% of the total amount and the player at the first position wins 50% of the prize amount. Sit 'n Go games are usually played at moderate stakes. This means that new players can also participate in them without risking too much of their bankroll.

Factors to Consider When Looking for Sit 'n Go Poker Sites

Though there are a number of poker sites for Sit 'n Go poker players, you will have to consider a few factors if you want your gaming experience to be a truly rewarding one. The first of these is the reputation of the site. Since you are going to bet with real money, you will probably be sharing your banking account information with the site. In the hands of internet fraudsters, this can bring about disastrous consequences. Hence the reliability of the site should always be ensured.

Another aspect worth considering is the traffic of the particular poker site. Many poker sites reveal information about player traffic and keep updating it when the traffic increases. The traffic at a particular game will signify how popular that game is among the players. When playing a Sit 'n Go game, this is especially important, since the game does not begin until the table is full.

The software will be another factor that can prove important to your gaming experience at the poker site. Software that is light, responsive and functional will make for a more rewarding poker experience than one that is slow, unresponsive and has a poor layout. Most reputed poker sites either have their own proprietary gaming software or they hire the services of a gaming software provider to design the games for their site.

Many poker sites use the services of such external gaming software providers. Companies like Real Time Gaming (RTG), Microgaming and Cozy Games are some of the best designers of online poker games. If a Sit 'n Go poker site uses software from any of these companies, you can be sure of a great online poker experience.